Member Info

IGO Membership is open to anyone with an interest in geocaching.  Registration and membership are FREE and only registered members will be permitted to hold office in IGO. Certain features of this site are also restricted to members only.

Member registration requires that you supply us with a valid e-mail address. We will NOT share your address with third parties and we will never sell your address to anyone. Providing IGO with your e-mail address will simply permit us to contact you more efficiently so that we can keep you informed of important IGO events.

During registration you have the option to give us your home zip code and/or your caching user name. Our only interest in this information is so that we may display your relative location (assuming you live in or around Iowa) so you can identify your geocaching “neighbors” and so that we may be able to better inform you of new caches or events in your area. If you supply a valid zip code and caching user name, that name and your approximate location (based on zip code) will be available to other users of this system on our Members Map page. Once you confirm your registration, your caching name will also appear on our Member Stats page (if you chose to enter your stats here).